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Monday motivation - how to shift from fear to faith.

Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn

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How to shift from fear to faith

Today I want to talk about shifting out of fear and into faith.

Because there is so much uncertainty out there at the moment and it creates so many feelings, fear and helplessness powerlessness, all those things that are really unhelpful and can stop us in our tracks.

Good news there is a simple thing to do to shift out of fear. And that is instead of doing all the what ifs, what if this happens, what if that happens?  Generally when we're in that cycle of what ifs, we are not very resourceful. We're not very curious and we're not trying to figure things out. When this occurs we're just in a place where we're almost panicking about what if that happens? So shifting out of fear and into faith is when you shift from what if to even if and it's almost like you're playing through all the different scenarios that could happen, but from a place of faith that you will be able to figure it out.

Shift from WHAT IF to EVEN IF

Even if you don't get that job, you will be able to go and find something else. Even if there isn't a place for you in a new structure. You will go and create your own structure, you will find alternatives that might even be better.

Consider even if things don't go the way that you'd really like them to go you will be able to take some steps. Be resourceful. Find some support, and get yourself in a better place. You can utilise what comes your way for the good of you and others. And that's a shift that's sound like a really small one from whatever to even if but actually the feelings that creates and the place of resourcefulness and curiosity that it puts you in is the most powerful place that you want to be rather than in a place of fear, uncertainty and panic. Because even in the most uncertain situations, we can create ourselves some sort of certainty.

We can look at the things that we can trust in ourselves. And that's the faith that we want to have so some things for you to think about.

I hope that that's been useful. I'd love to know what you think. Have a brilliant week and I'll talk to you all next Monday for more Monday Motivation.

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