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"A great coach and will help you realise your potential and bring to life your strengths.

I would definitely recommend working with her as not matter what support you need she will help you and you will get so much from it."

Donna Minett

"Aa valuable and trusted guide as I've been on my professional and personal development journey.

In a quick and effective manner, she's helped me recognize how I was holding myself back from opportunities for growth and change. As those were uncovered, she was that professional support to then work on and work through those opportunities for growth and change. I've taken on some exciting challenges that I don't know I would have felt confident about, prior to working with Kirsteen.

She's relatable, humble, and quick-witted and makes it easy to feel at ease in her presence. She works diligently to understand your goals and what you need in order to bring out your best qualities. Some of the personal work is tough because growth and change are tough, and Kirsteen has been there as a positive guide.

I would recommend her to anyone who is at a point where change is stalled, change is needed and maybe unknown as far as what direction to go, and for sure as someone who is looking to open that next chapter."

Casey Herko

"If you are feeling stuck in life, reach out to Kirsteen for help. You won't regret it 🙂

I had a few dark years, but the worst came in November 2021 when I started feeling low and crying pretty much 2-3 times per week.

I wasn't doing much apart from working and I knew I wanted to get back out there, do music again, meet new people, etc.

I decided to give Kirsteen's 12 week program a go in June/July 2022. Things have changed for the best since then:

- I have had low moments maybe 5 times in total since July, rather than 2-3 times a week
- I joined a band
- I joined Taekwondo
- I met new people
- I am resourceful
- I don't get sucked in by negative people
- I started a blog which will be mometised early next year
- I face problems with confidence, not despair."

Cristina Pucci

"Kirsteen’s coaching and mentorship has been invaluable.

Without her I never would have had the confidence to take that next step in my career. She truly cares about you and believes in your abilities.

I am forever grateful for her guidance and I strongly recommend Kirsteen to anyone in any phase of their career."

Rashvin Parmar

"an absolute pleasure to work with

Kirsteen has really guided me to elevate myself in my business and personal life and I am looking forward to more elevation. She is reliable, professional and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am happy to recommend her for her excellent service. "

Helga Lockyer

"Kirsteen has been a fantastic support

Kirsteen has been a fantastic support for our high profile Blazing My Trail programme here at Secure Trust Bank Group.  Our 52 strong alumni members have fed back that they have found Kirsteen to be highly credible, truly inspiring and very relevant to the issues we all face around our confidence, pursuing career goals and unblocking our potential.  One delegate has directly attributed Kirsteen’s input to our guest panel discussion and alumni session to her gaining the promotion she had been seeking for a long time.  Thank you Kirsteen and long may our beneficial relationship continue."

Hannah Sutherland

Group Head of Learning at Secure Trust Bank Group

"she helped me with my confidence and belief in myself !

I would highly recommend Kirsteen as a brilliant Coach and in particular her programme ‘Jumpstart your business’. I have always wanted to start my own business but after being employed for 20+ years this felt daunting.

Whilst working with Kirsteen for 12 weeks, she helped me with my confidence and belief in myself and helped me get focused on what I wanted to achieve. Through the programme she provided me with tools and guidance for the foundations to building my own business. I was pleasantly surprised that this helped me secure two new clients during the 12 weeks.

Kirsteen is warm, caring and generous with her support and sharing of her own experiences. The work I have done with Kirsteen is invaluable and I am truly grateful."

Christina Wyatt

"Each session was tailored to my needs

Amazing Return to Work Coaching sessions with Kirsteen. The whole programme overall gave me the confidence to return back to work after having over ten months off work due to maternity leave. Each session was tailored to my needs and I was able to relate to the content in my work environment. This enabled me to return back to work with the right mindset, confidence I required, (having been off for a while) and also enabled me to quickly start making a difference at work."

Folake Johnson

"Kirsteen’s guidance and energy has changed my life for the better

As a coach, Kirsteen has unmatched gifts for listening closely, for really understanding you, for seeing what you are seeing and then for getting to work with you, on your road to transformation. She has both the empathy and the lived, leadership experience to help you see beyond your perceived limitations.

Everything about the sessions we had felt personal, practical and effective. There is no hiding place! but it feels safe and very real. Each part of the work we did together has now embedded a healthier and more stable practice for me. I now appreciate how vital it is to be internally successful as much as it is to be professionally successful.

For years I felt afraid to ask for help, to BE HUMAN! For fear of being judged, misunderstood or a burden to someone. I am now thankful to have learnt how to take better care of myself, how to tune in to my unique gifts, numerous skills/abilities and purpose. I am now looking at a brighter future ahead of me and I hope to become a better leader to the people I will work with.

I feel better equipped to have those ‘real conversations’ with people and to be part of the positive change organisations need to support with mental health and the aspects of being human. I could not have done this all on my own, Kirsteen’s guidance and energy has changed my life for the better. I highly recommend her as a coach; Kirsteen is intelligent, passionate and a caring professional with a heart of gold!

Karem Salas-Jimenez

"Kirsteen cares as much about my future as I do!

If I described my experience with Kirsteen as life changing it would not be over the top! Over the past three months I have been working with Kirsteen to regain my confidence and focus after an injury and time out from work.

During my weekly sessions I was encouraged to challenge my thinking, empower myself and create new beliefs….at times this was uncomfortable but what really sets Kirsteen apart from other coaches I have come across is her encouragement and her use of different techniques which address all different styles of thinking. I truly believe that Kirsteen cares as much about my future as I do!

If, like me, you are not knowing where to turn to next in your life, career etc then I would highly recommend contacting Kirsteen. Anyone who goes through the programmes she offers will not be disappointed and will find their horizons widened!"

Hannah Gladwell

"I was left feeling far more confident and in control.

Kirsteen helped me tremendously with my return to work from maternity leave. I was left feeling far more confident and in control, I felt like a better version of my old self. The techniques she used helped me to ensure I was building on a solid foundation by taking some simple self care steps, before moving onto empowering me to prioritise my time, which allowed me to be far more productive and successful. I would highly recommend her!"

Rebecca Hands

"Kirsteen shares her knowledge so generously.

I would definitely recommend coaching with Kirsteen because she's got buckets of experience but she never pulls rank. I loved her Elevate Circle Program and the other women participating in it too. We were all there because we want more, because we want to let go of whatever is holding us back and progress. Kirsteen shares her knowledge so generously, putting us all at ease so we could speak up, share and get help. It never got too serious, we all had a good laugh, which really helped things flow. I highly highly highly recommend getting in this program. The insights and shifts I personally have when coaching in a group are far bigger than a 1:1 setting."

Naomi Stonier

"Kirsteen’s guidance and energy has changed my life for the better

I am a recent 'graduate' of Kirsteen's Unshakeable Confidence 12 week programme. Kirsteen helped me at a time when I had just been promoted and struggling with imposter syndrome. Through the 12 week programme she gave me the tools to not just absolutely believe in myself, but to help me identify and harness my strengths, identify my growth edges, and to achieve balance in my life. It really has been transformational, and I will continue to work with Kirsteen in the future - she has made such a huge difference to my life, I would recommend this programme to anyone!

Louise Wilce

"One of the best investments I’ve ever made

I’ve been working with Kirsteen for nearly 3 months. In that time she has helped me transform my approach and mindset as well as build my confidence to be able to take the next step. One of the best investments I’ve ever made. Thank you

Norah Chapman

"She's fantastic at helping

I've loved working with Kirsteen over the past 3 months - I feel much more in tune with how I can make decisions with my wellbeing in mind, and how I can prioritise my time effectively. She's fantastic at helping me understand my thought process and how to look at things through an angle of self care. I'd strongly recommend working with her!

Rebecca Daniels

"Amazing working with Kirsteen

Amazing working with Kirsteen, helping me understand what are my drivers and shift from running and working hard to achieve, to being present and connecting emotionally with my inner self. Who knew that deep down I had / have all the resources and answers to tackle challenges? Helping me discover these resources has been an interesting journey. Helping me to understand that there is more to life than work and study is liberating. Finally, helping me to shape what I would like my future self to be is challenging and insightful. Thank you, Kirsteen and look forward to continue that journey of discovery and change!

Ramona Enfield

"I cannot thank you enough

I cannot thank you enough, the past three months have been interesting to say the least! You have got me to tap into places that I never knew I could find, you have made me courageous, curious and unapologetic for being me! I am so grateful to have been part of your Mastermind Group and for being part of your network. I am no longer uncertain about my future as I know I can achieve what I want to achieve as long as I am believing in myself

Thora Shonowo

"become a better person and leader

Kirsteen is amazing! I have worked with Kirsteen over the last 4 months and I have learnt so much about myself, enabling me to become a better person and leader.  She has been a great support to me through some difficult times, and I look forward to continuing to work with Kirsteen in the future.

Stephanie Blackman

"my sessions with Kirsteen have metamorphic!

If we are honest with ourselves many of us ‘say’ the right things - but struggle to progress, due to feeling mentally ‘blocked’. That was my catalyst for looking for an external coach, and I can honestly say that my sessions with Kirsteen have metamorphic! ‘ The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek’ - how true! Kirsteen has held my hand every step of the way, - I have learnt through self care, and reflection that any barriers I had were self sabotage, and through some challenging sessions we have unravelled ‘me’ and have built solid foundations, that I can continue to build upon. I say ‘we’ because it’s truly a collaborative transformation programme. Kirsteen is supportive and available throughout the duration of the programme, and her encouraging texts through the week remind you that you are capable of anything! My confidence in all areas of my life has increased, I have learnt, gratitude and grace, success and celebration through a mindset shift - and have found ways of learning something new every single day. I can now say that I am unapologetically ambitious, and I’m no longer afraid of showing up being the person I was always meant to be. For anybody who feels that they are ‘blocked’ , ‘lost’ or just needs some great tips to get their ‘foundations’-in order, I would highly recommend Kirsteen. Her approach is unlike what you will receive from any course instigated by your employer - Kirsteen is there for You, and her programme will be focused on achieving sustainable differences that You benefit from.

Emma Knight

"fuelled my personal growth

I can genuinely say that deciding to invest in my own development with the support of Kirsteen, has been one of the best career choices I've made. Kirsteen is warm, friendly (yet professional) and is laser focused on understanding your motivators/aspirations/development needs to help push you forward. Kirsteen has helped me develop confidence, clarity, and purpose, and has challenged my thinking in a positive way. I'm in no doubt that working with Kirsteen has fuelled my personal growth over the last few months. If you're wondering whether to invest in yourself with the support of Kirsteen, my advice is simple...do it, you won't regret it! Thanks for everything Kirsteen.

Liz Marsh

"over come some huge obstacles

I have had various reasons for speaking to a wellbeing professional in the past but wish I had found Kirsteen before sooner. Kirsteen has a warm. friendly but professional approach to her clients, making them feel that there is nothing they cannot tell her. Kirsteen has helped me over come some huge obstacles and unlike other professionals I have seen, Kirsteen doesn't see you as a square peg that needs to fit into a round hole. If you feel that you are still looking for that "Right person" to help you, Kirsteen is the person you need. Would recommend her to anyone.

Kymberley Jackson

"Every session has made a profound difference

Kirsteen has been an inspiration to me at a time when I have needed help and support following bereavement. I can truly recommend her programme. Every session has made a profound difference to me. It has given me direction, self reflection and an opportunity to realise what my priorities are in life now. Kirsteen's warm and friendly manner makes it so easy to build rapport and work together. Thank you Kirsteen.

Eilish Byrne-Whelehan

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