Unshakeable Confidence

90 day Transformation Programme

About this programme

My Unshakeable Confidence programme is for you if you are struggling with confidence and feeling anxious.  You will learn  how to put yourself first, find clarity in your priorities and ambitions  and learn my system to enable you to create Unshakeable Confidence

Knowing you are a priority and feeling like you can do anything truly elevates you as a women!

Your Journey to Unshakeable Confidence

My proven 5 step ultimate results system will work for you too. Across your 12 week programme you will receive powerful private coaching sessions enabling you to:

Connect with your boldest self to understand how to align your actions to that version of you

Get clear on your life priorities and create healthy boundaries to honour them

Learn how to relax and move out of anxiety and into balance and control

Let go of old limiting beliefs and create new empowering ones

Practise self-care, along with the other elements allowing you to really unlock your personal power


12week Programme
1-2-1 coaching over the phone or zoom
Weekly supporting activities
Curated support materials

Client Experience

I was left feeling far more confident and in control…

Rebecca Hands

“Kirsteen helped me tremendously with my return to work from maternity leave. I was left feeling far more confident and in control, I felt like a better version of my old self. The techniques she used helped me to ensure I was building on a solid foundation by taking some simple self care steps, before moving onto empowering me to prioritise my time, which allowed me to be far more productive and successful. I would highly recommend her!”

Client Experience

an absolute pleasure to work with…

Helga Lockyer

“Kirsteen has really guided me to elevate myself in my business and personal life and I am looking forward to more elevation. She is reliable, professional and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am happy to recommend her for her excellent service. ”

Our Commitment to you

You’ll be supported


Our programmes, are designed with you in mind, with the understanding that change can be a daunting process. We will create a tailor made coaching plan to ensure you have the tools to be your best self, build your confidence and challenging any limiting beliefs.

You’ll get flexibility


Our programmes are flexible when it comes to your working hours – which makes working around other commitments easy, particularly if you have children to care for.

You'll gain new skills


Our programmes give you the tools you need to achieve.  As well as this we ensure you understand and can harness these specific tools to support your growth.  You’ll be able to take your next step with the strong foundation you have gained.

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