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Monday motivation - this is for you if you are wrestling with a decision.

Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn

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If you are wrestling with a decision

Today I want to talk about decisions. Because sometimes the thing that can create the most unhelpful feelings is wrestling with a decision.

And that's my situation this weekend. We had a choice. We had an opportunity, and my heart said yes and my brain said no, it was just really uncomfortable. And in the end, it made me to and fro between both decisions, which is really unhelpful.

And it wasn't until I bought my gut into the equation that I was making a decision from my heart, my head, and my gut, that I could see clearer the decision that I made and  that I needed to make. The decision that I've made in the moment was not the right decision. So what actually happened was, as soon as I connected with my gut, where my intuition is, and sometimes we ignore that the decision was no not to do the thing. And that meant that my mind or my head was a no and my gut was a no and it was just my heart  that was a yes. So it became a much easier no.

when you've engaged head, heart and gut, and you know that you've made the right decision

The other thing about decisions is to try and look forward a few years and look forward a couple of months, as well as thinking about the impact of others in the decision that you're making. And when you can do those things. That's when you know that you're taking into account lots of different aspects, not just your head and your heart, which is where we can often make decisions from and it can become a power battle between your head and your heart. I don't know about you, but normally my heart wins and that's not always right, which is where your gut can come in so handy. When I brought my gut into that decision making process, everything felt lighter, and I knew that I was then making the right decision. And as I said, right at the beginning of this sometimes being in limbo, and not making a decision is the thing that can create the most discomfort. So when you've made a decision, and when you've engaged head, heart and gut, and you know that you've made the right decision, we should then feel in your body that you have actually made the right decision.

So I hope that that helps. I hope you find that useful. And if you are wrestling with a decision right now, or if you've made a decision that feels uncomfortable, then bring your guts into the equation and you'll find the right response and the right way forward. Have a brilliant week, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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