Let me introduce myself,
I’m Kirsteen

I am a transformational confidence and transition coach, facilitator and  speaker.


My background is in corporate as an experienced senior leader with 15 years at Director level in financial services.  This gave me the skills and a proven track record in delivering commercial growth and cultural transformation across large teams.  I am a certified master of transformational health and life coaching, and a master of Feminine Power principles.  Combining these skills with my corporate and life experiences I work with women to enable them to create the clarity, confidence, purpose, and balance they crave.

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Confidence and Transition Coach

Facilitator and Speaker

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Networking leader

Supporting women with business connections.

My mission is to elevate female leaders so they can elevate their career, business or message.

I am a true believer of sharing from a place of experience.  My programmes and trainings are built on both knowledge and experience.  My Return to Work programme is a perfect example,  I support you from a place of my own experience  of losing my confidence and struggling with anxiety, this is what prompted me to create this programme. I wanted to support women who were struggling at one of the most stressful times in their careers.

I am a true believer of sharing from a place of experience.  My programmes and trainings are built on both knowledge and experience.

As the business has grown, women come to me for a variety of reasons, what I have found for myself and my clients, once we feel good and have built up our confidence, we strive for more, I support my clients to create whatever comes next for them.  Whether that is a promotion, or support as they step up and thrive, or even leave their career and start something new.  Seeing that so many women are lacking the support they need to thrive has led me to offer five programmes to uniquely support women’s needs.


I recognise the needs of many women today as I have experienced them too. My programmes are created to provide the right support at the times you most need it.  I also know that whatever we are striving to create in our life or career, we must start with working on ourselves first.  When we elevate ourselves, we can elevate the other aspects of our life.

My mission is to positively impact thousands of women in the next phase of their life.

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 I always say to my clients,

“when we feel good, good things happen”
so my programmes always start with you feeling good at the top of your list!

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