Monday Motivation

Monday motivation - how can you press the "easy button" this week?

Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn

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how can you press the "easy button" this week?

Hi everyone, it's me Kirsteen with some Monday Motivation.

And today I want to talk about pressing a button. This is something that my mentor used to say all the time. And it's so true. We have a habit of overcomplicating things or making things more difficult for ourselves and they need to be.

Does that resonate with you?

Can you think of times that you've done that? I certainly can.

So thinking about three different examples.

First one, you're trying to get a new job. And you could be trying to figure all these things out by yourself. How do I get seen how do people understand my aspirations and my capabilities? And you could be trying to do that all yourself instead of getting some support, actually speaking to the team that you want to be part of, even speaking to the leader of the team that you want to be part of getting some sponsorship and getting some development in key areas that you understand that you need, getting other people's insights? It is so useful, and getting other people support and sponsorship when you're trying to progress in a business. It just makes life so much easier than trying to do it yourself.

It is so useful getting other people support

You might feel that you're unhappy with your health or your weight, and you could be doing some of the things I've done over complicated derivational diets that I don't stick to because they're too complicated, and it's just not the way I want to live. So instead of that, you know, that to lose weight, just like I know, you need to eat less and move more.  And the other thing that's gonna make it easier is if you get some accountability, so instead of trying to do difficult, complex things on your own instead of relying on your own willpower, get some accountability and press the easy button that way.

get some accountability

And then the third thing that you might be doing at the moment is working on a project and I know how that feels when you're given this big project with all these expectations and outcomes. that need to be delivered. And my tendency used to be to just take it all on myself trying to figure everything out myself. But I think I learned that when you bring other people's expertise in, you're going to have a much better outcome. It's going to feel so much better. For you. And you're not trying to do everything yourself, which just puts you under so much more pressure.

bring other people's expertise in

So there's three examples of things that we might be trying to do in the most difficult, complicated way possible. When all we need to do is press the P button. And what you've probably noticed when you press the easy button, you bring other people in and for some reason we try and do everything ourselves. We think that we need to do everything ourselves, and that sometimes asking for help might make us be judged. Or might make us seem that we're not able to do things that we should be able to do. But the reality is when you get support when you get other people's insights, knowledge, expertise involved, it just makes you way more powerful. And when you are much more effective and it means you're more likely to succeed.

So I'd love to know what you think about that. Is there a way that you can press the easy button this week? Make your life a little easier? I would love to know have a brilliant week.

Take care till next Monday


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