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the one big question to ask yourself this week

Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn

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the one big question to ask yourself this week

Hi everyone, it's me Kirsteen for some Monday motivation. And today I have a question for you, which you're being really honest with yourself.

What is it that you want to say you might not say?

And that could be a whole host of reasons why you're not saying what you really want. And it could even be that you haven't spent long enough thinking about what you want so often, and this is my experience, and I see it and others too, because we're not crystal clear about what we want or because we haven't said what we want. We can end up following someone else's path for us. Certainly happened to me in my career. I spent 10 years in a job I went into for 18 months. And that was because I didn’t give myself time and space to stop and think what is it that I really want? And so because I hadn't got that clarity, and because I hadn't said what I wanted to be honest with myself, I didn't dig deep enough to really understand it. Because of that, I ended up being put into positions or asked to take on positions that if I'd have been really honest with myself stopped and thought about it. It wasn't actually what I really wanted, but it was it was an easy option.

So my invitation to you this week is to stop what you're doing.

Take a few minutes of time, create some space for yourself. Maybe get your journal out and think about what is it that you really want. You're being really honest with yourself. What is it that you haven't said that you know deep down you do. And say it, own it, take responsibility for it.

Because when you do that, you're more likely to do something that moves you towards it. If it's just in the background, if it's not really crystallised, you haven't really owned it yourself and stepped into that idea, then it's always just going to be something in the background. So that's my invitation to you this week. The upfront be honest with yourself about what you truly want to say, dare to tell someone, dare to do something about it. Otherwise, you may end up like I did for a few years and get swept up in someone else's plan. That is not your plan.

So I'll leave that with you have a brilliant week. I'd love to know what you've come up with. And I'll speak to you all soon.

Take care


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