Profitable Pathway Programme

For coaches with big and bold ideas, ready to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality

Turn your ideas into tangible actions that build a thriving and profitable coaching business

Your journey to creating your Profitable Pathway

Are you tired of waiting for life to happen? For something to change?
Or are you ready to take your future into your own hands?


After a successful career you’ve fallen out of love with your job. 

You are ready to follow your heart now and work for yourself, while using your skills and experience to help others.

But the prospect of unpredictable income and the unknown is scary and overwhelming.

The fear, self-doubt and the drop in confidence you are feeling is only natural.

Lean into it and embrace it.

After all, change is scary and stepping out of your comfort zone is only the beginning of what you are destined for.

Your journey to creating your Profitable Pathway

You were destined to be a coach. You love your clients and each time they come through the door it feels like your entrepreneurial DREAMS are becoming a reality.


BUT in the back of your head, you are questioning your every move and doubting every decision…

  • How will I find more people to help?
  • Did I just get lucky?
  • How do I keep going and grow?

What you need is:

Clarity around who you serve and the problems you solve

An outreach plan

Improve your enrolment conversation

A business growth model for now and in the future

This 6-month programme will:

Enable you to create a scalable business plan that is already working for you
Provide clarity for your starting niche and create a results driven programme for them
Confidently handle pricing conversations
Create the outcomes you and your clients yearn for

‘Your time to claim your ultimate potential is now’


Client Experience

Kirsteen consistently challenged me to improve and think beyond the norm

Paul - Senior Leader Financial Services

Having worked with Kirsteen for three years, I can honestly say she transformed my way of thinking as a leader, supervisor and a coach. She consistently challenged me to improve and think beyond the norm, and these are attributes that have stayed with me ever since. 

Not only did I find her an inspirational leader but also a great mentor outside of work. Would welcome the chance to work with her again in the future.


I know how you feel - 3 years ago I was where you are

Knowing that coaching was my true calling in life, but doubting myself as to whether I could make it work.

About Kirsteen

With 25 years running big and successful businesses for others, I took the plunge into setting up my own coaching business in 2019.

Three years in and I have built a sustainable business.

I have created an income that has meant that I don’t need to change my lifestyle after quitting my 6-figure salary.

Within my first 6 months I had created more income than the average coach does in a year.

Part of this success came from a great deal of mindset work and changing my relationship with money.

Something that has been hugely important for me and that's why this is an important part of my programme.

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Key learning:

  • Mindset has a lot more to do with the success of your business than you might first think
  • The importance of processes and systems in those early days

Over the last 3 years, I have heavily invested in myself with some of the best names in the business.

I have taken the pieces of their work that resonated most with me, and my clients and

I have created my own profitable pathway.

These best bits and more are the foundation of my programme.

Learning that mindset has a lot more to do with the success of your business than you might first think and the importance of processes and systems in those early days.

As well as avoiding the common pitfalls of the first few years in your coaching business.

You will learn what you actually need to have and do (and not to do) to start creating your income.

We will also ensure you have the essentials in place for steady growth.

I will help you press the ”easy” button AND love your business as much as you love your clients.

My Mission

My mission is to help newly certified coaches turn their ideas into action which builds a thriving and profitable coaching business minus the pitfalls that can often derail their growth.

About this programme

This is for you if you want your own thriving coaching practice and are not successfully or consistently enrolling clients to work with you.

You might be still in employment and can’t see how to make the jump into your own business.

This programme will enable you to turn your ideas into actions that create a successful coaching business.


Client Experience

Kirsteen's approach helped me to secure two new clients

Christina - Leadership Coach Banking

I would highly recommend Kirsteen as a brilliant Coach and in particular her programme for coaches. I have always wanted to start my own business but after being employed for 20+ years this felt daunting. 
Whilst working with Kirsteen for 12 weeks, she helped me with my confidence and belief in myself and helped me get focused on what I wanted to achieve. Through the programme she provided me with tools and guidance for the foundations to building my own business. I was pleasantly surprised that this helped me secure two new clients during the 12 weeks.  
Kirsteen is warm, caring and generous with her support and sharing of her own experiences. The work I have done with Kirsteen is invaluable and I am truly grateful.


If you would like a free taster and some actionable ideas, join my workshop on the 14th September.

So many programmes and courses out there focus on giving you everything you possibly need.

This leads you to overwhelm and not being any wiser on where you should start.

All that you need is:

  1. Find your niche
  2. Serve your audience
  3. Create offers that compel your ideal clients to come to you

Over the 6 months of working together, we will create a map for your coaching business.

A map that guides you through exactly what works and how you can scale it as the business grows.

It will include strategy and mindset work to ensure both are aligned with your vision for the business.

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Client Experience

Kirsteen transformed my approach

Norah - Director Banking

I’ve been working with Kirsteen for nearly three months. In that time she has helped me transform my approach and mindset as well as build my confidence to be able to take the next step.

One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Thank you

Profitable Pathway Programme Structure:

We will meet on zoom for 90 minutes every other week to work through each of the pillars of the Profitable Pathway Programme.

Plus fortnightly 60 minute zoom sessions for live Q&A and support.



  • You with your ideal client
  • Your vision for your business and your life


  • Programmes that bring your best work and create the results your ideal clients are looking for
  • Offers that mean you have something that is accessible to all of your ideal clients
  • Working pattern – create a working pattern that means you are living and enjoying life as you are building your business
  • Income Plan – that puts you in control and gives you confidence around your finances.
  • Personal growth and care plan, so you can grow yourself and your business, whilst taking good care of yourself


  • Audience – where are your ideal clients, how to grow your audience there?
  • Outreach plan – what’s your message and how will you get it out there?
  • Business Model – What does your first business model look like, we will press the easy button and evolve as you grow
  • Value – create value for your clients and potential clients, building your credibility
  • Relationships – build relationships in a way that feels good and has people come to you first


  • Enrol – create an enrolment process that works for you
  • Pricing – Get comfortable and confident in your money conversations – this can be one of the toughest things when you get started
  • Understand your potential client’s process to yes – the psychology in an enrollment conversation


  • 3 X 121 coaching sessions to work at a deeper level on the areas of your choice
  • 30 day cash creation challenge – start creating cash in your business quickly
  • 2 Inspiring reads:
    • Happy Pocketful of Money
    • The Prosperous Coach


By the end of this 6-month programme, your business will be up and running:

  • You will have a clear business and profit plan for the quarter ahead along with a plan for the first 12 months
  • You will have clarity of your starting niche, understanding that this may change over time
  • You will be able to clearly articulate in conversation and your messaging, who you serve, the problem you solve and how you do that
  • You will have a business model that is already working for you
  • You will be comfortable on your starting pricing and confident in those conversations
  • You will have improved your relationship with money and are aligned with an abundance mindset
  • You will have the basic systems in place for payments, bookings and building your email list
  • You will have identified your inner barriers, limiting beliefs and created new empowering patterns aligned with your vision

Investment = £3795


Client Experience

Kirsteen was able to understand my drivers

Becky - Director Banking

I can’t recommend Kirsteen highly enough and encourage anyone reading this to connect.

In a short period of time, in fact out first meeting, Kirsteen was able to listen and understand my drivers as well as help me highlight my own self limiting habits that often impact our growth and development without realisation.

Kirsteen is calming and insightful, removing the chaos of today’s lives to help you focus on what is important both personally and professionally and then helping put simple actions and plans in place to be the best you can be.


What is the time commitment needed for this programme?

You will need to allow 90 minutes every other week for the group coaching sessions and then anything upwards of 2 hours a week to complete the activities that get your business up and running.

What support do I get outside of the fortnightly coaching?

In addition to the fortnightly group coaching sessions, there will be an interim “I am stuck, I need support” zoom, open for anyone to drop in with questions or support requests to keep them moving forward.

Will there be practical tasks to support the theory?

Absolutely, everything we do in the sessions will be practical work that builds your business, including creating a quarterly profit plan and a 30-day cash creation challenge.

Is there accountability to complete this programme?

Yes. I will be holding you to your vision for your business. Once you are in the programme, there is no back door to sneak out of. We will also set up accountability partners for additional support. I want what you want, and I will support you to keep moving forward, especially when it feels challenging.

Can I pay in instalments?

You are able to pay in 2 instalments, £2,100 up front followed by £1800 2 months into the programme.

Are there likely to be any further costs?

All the systems I suggest you start with initially are free. You may want to invest in other systems that support your business, that will be your choice. There are no further costs needed for the programme.

I am ready – let’s do this!

Our Commitment to you

You’ll be supported

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Our programmes, are designed with you in mind, with the understanding that change can be a daunting process. We will create a tailor made coaching plan to ensure you have the tools to be your best self, build your confidence and challenging any limiting beliefs.

You’ll get flexibility

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Our programmes are flexible when it comes to your working hours – which makes working around other commitments easy, particularly if you have children to care for.

You'll gain new skills

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Our programmes give you the tools you need to achieve.  As well as this we ensure you understand and can harness these specific tools to support your growth.  You’ll be able to take your next step with the strong foundation you have gained.

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